Global Film Studio to Invest $65 Million in Film Production

January 1, 2015 — The second annual assembly of Global Film Studio Inc. took place on December 29 in Toronto, Canada. In the meeting, it has been unanimously resolved:

  • To appoint Mr. Elio Dell’Unto as a member of the Board of Directors of the Company. Toronto based Film Producer Elio Dell’Unto has been working with Director Bruno Pischiutta since 1991. Mr. Dell’Unto has traveled for work extensively together with Mr. Pischiutta to Africa, China and, in later years, to Romania in Europe. Mr. Dell’Unto is joined in the Board of Directors by Mr. Bruno Pischiutta, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, by Ms. Daria Trifu, President and CEO and by Mr. Bernhard Szondi, CFO;
  • To appoint Mr. Jack Craciun III as a member of the Advisory Board of the Company. Mr. Jack Craciun III is a global entrepreneur & pioneer who’s life work is project-driven and focused on global cross cultural exchanges that establish new economic generators. An American educated China Specialist whose work in broadcast & entertainment has consistently redefined international consumer product manufacture and marketing based on defining new demographic groups with expendable income. Mr. Craciun joins in the Advisory Board Mr. Freddy D’Herckers, Mr. Fadi Karam, Mr. Pierre Oblin, Dr. Dumitru Preda and Mr. Carl Schultz;
  • To invest $65 M in film production in the next three years. In particular, to produce in 2015 in Romania the feature film SUICIDE and the feature film THE BAD JOKE and, in South Africa, to produce the feature film SINS AND SINNERS. The films are produced by Daria Trifu and they are written and directed by Bruno Pischiutta. The films are starring Jonathan Pienaar and Denisa Barvon.

About Global Film Studio

Global Film Studio Inc. has been federally incorporated in Canada on August 5th, 2011. It is a financing, holding and film distribution company with a world spectrum.

Global Film Studio invests in, markets and distributes nonviolent, ethical and socially conscious entertainment in dramatic format and it remains committed to foster the production of films that raise the attention of today’s general public and world leaders on subjects and social issues of our time.


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